Car Key Repairs

Rapid Car Keys- Fixes and Repairs Van and car keys! 

Renault key cards 3There are many reasons that you may need your car key repaired but rest assured we are able to help you with any situation that may arise. The most common reasons for needing a key repaired are;

  • A broken or damaged key including snapping
  • Transponder chip in your key is worn and or damaged
  • The key fob/casing needs replacing
  • Replacement button on remote key fob
  • Car key has snapped off in the ignition barrel
  • Car key is worn out and the blade needs replacing
  • The key is jammed in the ignition barrel and cannot be pulled out

We get many questions regarding car key repairs and we have listed a few which we have answered for you.

QI have a remote key that has a button missing, can this be fixed?

A – Yes. We can easily replace these buttons and supply a new case for you. Your key will be like new.

Q I have managed to bend the metal part of my key, is this repairable?

A – Of course, we can cut you a new blade for your key and attach it to your original casing.

QI have broken my flip key, are you able to fix this?

A – We supply a huge range of cases and flip blades so we can usually just swap the electrics into a new case along with a freshly cut new blade.

Q My key is not working at all, what could be wrong with it?

A – This could be something even as small as a faulty battery. Always ensure that you use a high quality battery in your key as many that can be brought online on sites such as eBay can be mass produced in China and do not hold their charge. We only use top quality batteries and keep plenty in stock, so if you would like us to replace it for you will would be more than happy to do so.

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We offer car key repairs for the following vehicles;

  • Alfa Romeo car keys
  • Audi car keys
  • BMW car keys
  • Citroen car keys
  • Fiat car keys
  • Ford car keys
  • Honda car keys
  • Jaguar car keys
  • Kia car keys
  • Land Rover car keys
  • Lexus car keys
  • Mazda car keys
  • MG car keys
  • Mini car keys
  • Mitsubishi car keys
  • Nissan car keys
  • Peugeot car keys
  • Renault car keys
  • Rover car keys
  • Saab car keys
  • Seat car keys
  • Skoda car keys
  • Subaru car keys
  • Toyota car keys
  • Vauxhall car keys
  • Volkswagen car keys
  • Volvo car keys

If your vehicle is not listed drop us an email or give us a call on 07482 185 310