Auto Locksmith Cranbrook

If you have lost your car keys in Cranbrook or broken your remote control then we can help. Maybe your remote is missing some buttons or you have locked your car keys in the car, then you have come to the right place! Rapid Car Keys will come out and replace your keys or supply spares.

We are not a call center, when you call us you will be speaking with a professional Auto-locksmith!

Call us today or for a free quote please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Rapid Car keys Kent, call us today on 0748 2185310 for free advice, No Fix No Fee!

Car key programming Cranbrook

Car key programming is exactly what it says on the tin; we take a blank key and link it to your vehicle so they “talk” to each other.
We are also able to reprogram remote keys, back to your vehicle if they have dropped out.

If you have bought a blank key from eBay or another on-line store, as long as it has the correct transponder chip we can program that for you, if not, we supply the correct transponder for you.

A flashing orange key light on your car is a strong indication that your key(s) have dropped out from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and needs reprogramming back to your vehicle.

Emergency Car Key Replacement Cranbrook

Call Kent’s leading emergency vehicle locksmith, we have you covered!

If you have stumbled upon this page then you must have either locked your keys out of your car, lost or had your car keys stolen or you need help getting your car started in Cranbrook.

Car Key Repairs Cranbrook

There are many reasons that you may need your car key repaired but rest assured we are able to help you with any situation that may arise. The most common reasons for needing a key repaired are;

  • A broken or damaged key including snapping
  • Transponder chip in your key is worn and or damaged
  • The key fob/casing needs replacing
  • Replacement button on remote key fob
  • Car key has snapped off in the ignition barrel
  • Car key is worn out and the blade needs replacing
  • The key is jammed in the ignition barrel and cannot be pulled out

Please contact us too with any other key problem you might have.


Below is a list of the services that Rapid Car Keys offer in the Cranbrook Kent area.

  • Car Key Repairs
  • Vehicle Lockouts
  • Car key programming
  • Renault Key Cards
  • Car key coding
  • Transponder Chips replacement
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