Hello Hydrogen…

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Riversimple are a UK based Transportation Company that focus on producing environmentally friendly vehicles. They have recently announced their plans to take on the biggest names in the industry with their two seater, lightweight, carbon-fiber car named “Rasa”.

“Green Cars” have become increasingly popular in recent years and figures show that more than 25,000 eco cars have been sold in the last three years. Manufacturers like BMW, Volkswagen and newer companies like Tesla offer an extensive range of electric vehicles, but there are only two other Hydrogen fuelled cars on the road.

The market is swamped with electric vehicles, could hydrogen be another way forward?

With a range of approximately 300 miles on 1.5kg of hydrogen, we can see the advantages of having this little car in the world. The hydrogen used is converted to electricity and the vehicle only emits warm air and water vapour!

The Rasa will not be on sale to the general public, it will be available on a type of subscription service, but this will include routine maintenance, repairs, insurance and the fuel costs.

The vehicle itself will be compromised of faired rear wheels, projection headlamps, upward-swinging gull-doors and a stylish interior design. With a top speed of 60mph, a minimalist design and the attractiveness of an environmentally friendly vehicle will you be first in line for the Rasa in 2018?

There are my challenges facing this little car, ours will be to figure out how to get in to it!


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