Honda Remote Key 2004

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A customer rang me today asking for a spare remote key for his Honda Accord.

He had a 2 button remote key which he was given as his only key when he bought the car.

After I contacted Honda, and got the right part number for his new remote key, it turns out that his car came with a boot release function, and it should have had a 3 button remote key, not a 2 button.

The customer was a bit dubious that this information was correct, but I assured him this is what Honda have on file.

Once I got to his address (near Bluewater) and programmed a new 3 button Honda remote key in for him, it turned out that he did have a boot release function built in.

He is now over the moon that if his hands are full he can just press the boot release button on his remote and his boot will open instead of having to open his car first, and press the boot release switch (down by the drivers foot-well.)

While I was there I managed to save him over 120 pounds off the main dealer price, and he did not even have to go out of his front door!

We are a fully mobile Autolocksmith service covering all of kent and the South East. If you are unsure if your car has the right remote, why not get in contact and I will be able to find out for you.

If you have lost your Honda Car Key or if you would like a spare remote key, then please get in contact for a free quote, it’s cheaper than you think!




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