Nissan key stuck in ignition

Nissan key stuck in ignition

Has your Nissan key got stuck in your ignition? dont panic you have come to the right place.

Have you noticed over the last few weeks that you have had trouble getting your Nissan key out of your ignition?

Is your key now stuck in your Nissan Qashai ignition?

Please look at the pictures below that detail how your key becomes stuck in the ignition of your Nissan.

The reason that your key gets stuck in the ignition is because the dust cap wears unevenly and creates a sharp edge that ends up clamping down on your key then trapping it.

Nissan key stuck in ignition 1

You can see in the picture below the tell tell signs of a key that will eventuality get stuck, it marks right at the bow of the Nissan key blade.

Nissan key stuck in ignition 2

We offer a full repair service by removing and replacing the broken part and cutting you a brand new blade,making your lock and key as good as new!

Call today to get your car booked in, this is a problem that doesn’t get better,so if your key is starting to get stuck in your Nissan ignition, Call us today!