Transponder chip

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More or less all vehicle keys from 1996 onwards have a transponder chip.

Many customers are intrigued as to what a transponder chip is and below we have given a brief explanation.

Transponder chips are the little motherboards (small electronic chips) that are embedded inside the plastic head of your car key, when you put your key into your vehicles ignition; it sends a signal out to your immobilizer letting it know that it is the right key for the vehicle. If the response from the transponder chip is not correct, or it doesn’t reply with the message the immobilizer system was expecting, then the engine won’t start. If you have a key with no chip, or a chip that is not coded correctly, then it will open all the locks on the car, but the engine will not start.

Over time transponder chips can breakdown, especially the class versions. We can replace your key with a new transponder chip and reprogram it to your car; alternatively if you have a valet key, we can put a transponder into it and programme this to your vehicle.

For more information on transponder chips and key programming do not hesitate to contact us, although this is very clever stuff, car key transponder chips are easily replaceable when left in the hands of experts (like ourselves).


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